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How to create QR Code?

Follow 3 easy steps


Select QR code type

Choose from Url, Text, Wifi, Crypto or other.


Enter details

Fill up required fields. Once done, click Generate QR Code button.


Download QR Code

Click to Download PNG or .SVG button to save your QR Code into your device.

What QR Code type can I generate?

Below you can find a list of supported QR Code types

Crypto Currency

Use this type to accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or other cryptocurrencies.

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Use this type to generate a link to a website, social network(Youtube, Twitter, Facebook).


Use this type to display text (up to 300 symbols) after scanning QR Code. This text can be saved to Notes.


Use this type to connect to a Wifi network easily, without typing manually a password.

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular questions about QR Codes

How to scan QR Code?

It's easy enough. You have to open the camera on your iOS or Android mobile device. Then, point the camera to the QR code image until you see a message on your screen.

Does QR Code have an expiration time?

No. Generated QR Code will never expire. But if you used QR Code type as URL(link), make sure that link will be valid.

What is the size of a QR Code?

We generate QR code with size 1000 x 1000 pixels.

What image format do QR Code support?

At this time you can download QR Code in .PNG format or vector format .SVG

Does QR Code have any scan limits?

No. You can feel confident that scan QR Code can be scanned unlimited times.